Extended Consultation Review

Extended Consultation Review

News Release

7 July 2017

UMFHA Agrees with Extended Consultation Review Phase for MPI Mānuka Honey Definition and Standard

The UMF Honey Association (UMFHA) is supportive of the Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) decision to extend the consultation review phase for its proposed definition and standard for Mānuka honey, despite the inevitable disruption and unsettling ripple effect across the industry.

UMFHA spokesperson John Rawcliffe said it is essential MPI works with the industry to implement a definition that will stand-up to comprehensive scrutiny in international markets.

“There is a wealth of science and accumulated knowledge and experience available within the industry and the UMFHA is fully supportive of MPI’s intent to ensure that it gets the science right and should consult widely with all parties who have a stake in what the final standard looks like,” he said.

“We’ve already spent over five years perfecting an international science programme that ultimately confirmed the optimal key signature markers in genuine Mānuka honey. The outcome of that programme provided the platform for developing our UMF quality and grading system, which stands well established in the market place and does provide regulatory authorities and consumers with the assurance and confidence they require when buying Mānuka honey from New Zealand.

“We look forward to sharing our perspectives and learnings with MPI and others, during this extended consultation review phase. It’s absolutely critical that New Zealand has a robust regulatory definition standard in place to protect the country’s important and growing Mānuka honey industry. We simply must get this right.”

The UMFHA represents over 100 members that collectively export over 80% of all Mānuka honey products from New Zealand.


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