Members Update – Chinese Beekeeping Association Visits NZ

Members Update – Chinese Beekeeping Association Visits NZ

A delegation of 14 members of the Chinese Beekeeping Association recently visited New Zealand to obtain a briefing on the UMF Honey Association, new testing regime and Mānuka Honey industry in general.

An overview of the Manuka ID project was presented to the delegation by Dr Jonathan Stephens, while beekeeping information was delivered by James Jeffery and Graham Cammell.

The visit was a continuation of the Association’s ongoing relationship building and networking programme with key industry contacts in China.

The Chinese Beekeeping Association has approximately 1,000 members who work across all areas of the business from beekeeping through to extraction, packaging, and marketing. The group visiting New Zealand represented all regional areas of China – north, south, east and west.

China is estimated to have seven million managed bee colonies and is reported to be the largest producer and exporter of bee products in the world. With the industry playing such an important role in world trade, it is important that the UMFHA continues to play a lead role in relevant information exchange between the two countries.

The China Bee Products Association

CBPA is engaged in beekeeping, bee products processing, management, foreign trade, research and teaching institutions.

Purpose and Scope of the Association
– Policy implementation and guidance
– Innovation and scientific research development
– Guiding the healthy development of the industry
– Provision of quality services
– Planning: economic and social benefits
– Strengthening industry management
– Coordination of the industry

The CBPA network has an established relationship with many key media which helps aid in the exchange of information, to strengthen the bee products industry in China and its links with foreign trade partners.
The Association assists enforcement agencies in dealing with counterfeit products, commercial fraud and false advertising. The CBPA is continually developing its foreign beekeeping industry affiliations to actively promote research around apiculture.

Special thanks to the Buddle Findlay team for hosting the meeting between the UMF Honey Association and the China Bee Products Association.

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