Member’s update – November 2011

Member’s update – November 2011

Welcome to the fifth update for 2011.

This update includes information about the delivery of the promotional programme as outlined in the Association business plan and the introduction of comprehensive testing in the UK.

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The UMFHA Executive

Malaysian Promotion Programme

Promotional presentation: “Made In New Zealand”

Conducted by: the UMF Honey Association New Zealand 

“Learn about Manuka honey and the necessary standards to support and maintain its qualities. The presentation will break down all the quality aspects behind Manuka honey and describe the audit and testing procedures that help protect the consumer.”

This was a major trade show. There was also a general media release and television interview. The association also made presentations at several smaller trade events.

UK launch UMF honey Association and UK Government testing laboratory Fera (Food and Environment Research Agency)

Fera has statutory responsibilities for delivering policy and inspectorate functions in relation to Plant Health, Bee Health and Plant Varieties and Seeds.

Fera offers a range of analytical services to the honey industry to support the marketing of legitimate labelling claims and help protect the consumer from food threats or fraud.

Promotional presentation in the United Kingdom


The first commercially available testing for chemical profiles within a key market.

The association contracted a promotional firm (Pegasus) to put together a programme in the UK involving both the UK testing lab Fera and the Association. It included a promotional evening with eighteen journalists and involved presentations by both the Association and Fera. It included results of a targeted market survey, which demonstrated the range and ability of Fera to test an extensive range of properties of honey. Most significant was the ability of the lab to provide full chemical profiles of the honey, which clearly demonstrated that New Zealand NPA Manuka honey is unique and has a distinct chemical profile that helps lead us towards fully understanding its modes of action.

Note: The well diffusion assay is an outcome-based test, methylglyoxal is one chemical marker. The chemical profile provides a greater understanding of this unique honey

NMR Machine at Fera. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy is a research technique to determine physical and chemical properties of atoms or the molecules in which they are contained

What does this mean?

The Association is able to test for the unique compounds that make up one of the truly unique, natural, nutraceutical products. It is able to take the emerging science and apply it in the marketplace. The market has started to have overseas honey claiming to have similar properties; the following chemical profiles of Manuka honey with NPA and an imported honey claiming to be similar demonstrates that this is clearly not the case.

NMR Spectroscopy chemical profile of one of the key compounds