Members Update: Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association UK Campaign – Issue 39 January 2017

Members Update: Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association UK Campaign – Issue 39 January 2017

The Association has embarked on a campaign in the UK aimed at raising awareness of the UMF® quality trademark.

The campaign will achieve this by:
o Explaining in simple terms our Mānuka ID project
o Profiling some of the experts involved
o Engaging key opinion leaders in the UK market
o Reinforcing the key messages around how UMF® gives consumers confidence when purchasing Mānuka honey.

We’ll be profiling our key UK-based partner – Dr Adrian Charlton – plus other contributors.
Adrian is a biochemist who currently leads the Biochemical and Chemical Profiling team within the Food Safety & Quality Programme of Fera Science Ltd.

The promotional campaign is being launched through the UK media across print, online and broadcast mediums.
A series of interviews have been set up with key media.

We have also created a range of dedicated support collateral comprising:
o ‘Follow the Nectar Report’ which details the Mānuka honey journey from flower through to advanced science programme and testing.
o Infographic
o Media release
o Informative video featuring leading UK nutritionist Amanda Ursell and Adrian Charlton.

The UMFHA’s Mānuka ID project discovered a number of unique signature compounds found only in genuine Mānuka honey from New Zealand. We have used those compounds to introduce testing that verifies the authenticity of genuine Mānuka honey.
Detailed information about the Mānuka ID project will give UK consumers the confidence they are searching for when purchasing genuine Mānuka honey, and a meaningful grading system.

We’ll be urging consumers to look for the UMF® quality trademark whenever they buy Mānuka honey. In doing so, they will be assured of the product’s purity and quality, country of origin being New Zealand and that it contains the key signature compounds found in genuine Mānuka honey.

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